108 names of goddess saraswati

108 Names of Goddess Saraswati : Discover the Divine Power.

108 Names of Goddess Saraswati : Discover the Divine Power


In Hindu mythology, Saraswati, the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge, is held in high esteem as the deity associated with the arts, sciences, and every aspect of learning. She is the spouse of the universe-creator, Lord Brahma. The river’s flow serves as a symbolic representation of Saraswati, signifying the perpetual and enticing circulation of knowledge. The origin of her name, which combines the words “wati,” which means a woman, and “saras,” which means flow, signifies her position as the embodiment of knowledge and allure comparable to that of an attractive woman.

The Significance of Saraswati Pooja

Annually, devotees perform Saraswati Pooja in an effort to secure the graces of the goddess Saraswati and ensure a prosperous and fruitful year. It is believed that Saraswati’s devotees acquire knowledge, wisdom, originality, and eloquence through her worship. Scholars, artists, musicians, and students desire her favor in particular so that they may achieve success in their respective fields.

108 Names of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is known by many names, each representing a unique aspect of her divine persona. Here are 108 names of Goddess Saraswati and their meanings:

1Om Sarasvatyai NamahaThe Goddess of Knowledge
2Om Mahabhadrayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Supremely Auspicious
3Om Mahamayayai NamahaThe Goddess Who has Great Illusion
4Om Varapradayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Boons
5Om Shripradaayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Wealth
6Om Padmanilayayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Home is in a Lotus
7Om Padmaakshyai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Eyes are Like Lotus
8Om Padmavaktrakayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Face is Like Lotus
9Om Shivanujaayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Younger Sibling of Shiva
10Om Pustakabhrite NamahaThe Goddess Who is Holding a Book
11Om Gyanamudrayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Sits in the Mentioned Posture
12Om Ramayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Enticing
13Om Parayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Beyond Everything
14Om Kamarupayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Takes Various Forms as Desired
15Om Mahavidyayai NamahaThe Goddess Who has Great Knowledge
16Om Mahapataka Nashinyai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Destroyer of Fallen-Beings
17Om Mahashrayayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Supreme Refuge
18Om Malinyai NamahaThe Goddess Who has a Garland
19Om Mahabhogayai NamahaThe Goddess By Whom Great Enjoyment is Being Caused
20Om Mahabhujayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Arms are Great
21Om Mahabhagayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Luck is Great
22Om Mahotsahayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Strength is Supreme
23Om Divyangayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Limbs are Divine
24Om Suravanditayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Adored by the Gods
25Om Mahakalyai NamahaThe Goddess of Time and Death
26Om Mahapashayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Noose is Eminent
27Om Mahakarayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Form is Supreme
28Om Mahankushayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Stick (Goad) is Eminent
29Om Sitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Fruits of the Earth
30Om Vimalayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Spotless
31Om Vishvayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Entire Cosmos
32Om Vidyunmalayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Wears a Shining Garland
33Om Vaishnavyai NamahaThe Shakti of Lord Vishnu
34Om Chandrikayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is as Bright as Moonlight
35Om Chandravadanayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Face is as Beautiful as Moon
36Om Chandralekhavibhushitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Adorned by a Digit of the Moon
37Om Savityai NamahaRay of Light
38Om Surasayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Charming
39Om Devyai NamahaThe Goddess
40Om Divyalankarabhushitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Adorned by Divine Ornaments
41Om Vagdevyai NamahaThe Goddess of speech
42Om Vasudhayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Earth
43Om Tivrayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Speed is Fast
44Om Mahabhadrayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Supremely Auspicious
45Om Mahabalayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Strength is Supreme
46Om Bhogadayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Enjoyment
47Om Bharatyai NamahaThe Goddess of Speech
48Om Bhamayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Personification of Passion and Splendor
49Om Govindayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Protector or Controller of Cows
50Om Gomatyai NamahaA Place Having Herds of Cows
51Om Shivayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Delivers Liberation or Enlightenment
52Om Jatilayai NamahaThe Goddess Who has Matted Hairs
53Om Vindhyavasayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Dwelling Place is Mount Vindhya
54Om Vindhyachalavirajitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Seated in Mount Vindhya
55Om Chandikayai NamahaThe Fierce One, the Wrathful Goddess
56Om Vaishnavyai NamahaThe Power of Lord Vishnu
57Om Brahmayai NamahaThe Power of Brahma
58Om Brahmagyanaikasadhanayai NamahaThe Only Medium to Attain Brahma-Jnana (Enlightenment)
59Om Saudamanyai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Resplendence is Like Lightning
60Om Sudhamurtyai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Form is Like Nectar
61Om Subhadrayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Extremely Beautiful
62Om Surapujitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Worshipped by Gods
63Om Suvasinyai NamahaThe Goddess Who Fills her Abode (the Whole Cosmos) with Auspiciousness
64Om Sunasayai NamahaThe Goddess Who has Beautiful Nose
65Om Vinidrayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Sleepless
66Om Padmalochanayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Eyes are Like Lotus
67Om Vidyarupayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Knowledge Personified
68Om Vishalakshyai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Eyes are Large
69Om Brahmajayayai NamahaThe Wife of Brahma
70Om Mahaphalayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Greatest Retribution
71Om Trayimurtaye NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Trinity
72Om Trikalagyayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Knows Everything About the Past, the Present and the Future
73Om Trigunayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Personification of the 3 Gunas-Tamas, Rajas and Sattva
74Om Shastrarupinyai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Treatises Personified
75Om Shambhasurapramathinyai NamahaThe Goddess Who Tormented the Demon Shumbha
76Om Shubhadayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Auspicion
77Om Svaratmikayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Soul of Everyone
78Om Raktabijanihantryai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Slayer of Raktabīja
79Om Chaamundayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Killed the Demons Chanda and Munda
80Om Ambikayai NamahaThe Mother Goddess
81Om Mundakayapraharanaayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Dispeller of Muṇda
82Om Dhumralochanamadanayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Killed the Demon Dhumralochana
83Om Sarvadevastutayai NamahaThe One Who Praised by all Gods and Goddesses
84Om Saumyayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Gentle and Cheerful
85Om Surasura namaskritayai NamahaBoth Gods and Demons Bow to Her
86Om Kalaratryai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Night of Deluge
87Om Kaladharayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Support of Artistry
88Om Rupasaubhagyadayinyai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Giver of Beauty and Good Fortune
89Om Vagdevyai NamahaThe One Who is the Goddess of Speech
90Om Vararohayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Elegant
91Om Varahyai NamahaThe Power of Varaha
92Om Varijasanayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Seated on a White Lotus
93Om Chitrambarayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Clothes are Variegated
94Om Chitragandhayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Fragrance is Variegated
95Om Chitramalyavibhushitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Adorned With Variegated Flowers
96Om Kantayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Beautiful
97Om Kamapradayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Desires
98Om Vandyayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Worthy of Worship
99Om Vidyadharasupujitayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Well Worshipped by Knowledge-Holders
100Om Shvetananayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Seat is White in Colour
101Om Nilabhujayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Arms are of Blue Colour
102Om Chaturvargaphalapradayai NamahaThe Goddess Who Bestows Retribution to the Four-Sections of Society
103Om Chaturanana samrajyayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Empire is the world Created by Four-Headed Brahma
104Om Raktamadhyayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Source of all Shakti
105Om Niranjanayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is Dispassionate
106Om Hansasanayai NamahaThe Goddess Whose Seat is of Swan
107Om Nilajanghayai NamahaThe Goddess Who has Blue Thighs
108Om Brahmavishnushivatmikayai NamahaThe Goddess Who is the Soul of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Saraswati Mantras for Divine Blessings

In addition to her names, Goddess Saraswati is also worshipped through various mantras. Chanting these mantras with devotion is believed to invoke the blessings of the goddess and enhance one’s knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Here are a few popular Saraswati mantras:

  1. Aum Aing Saraswathye Namah Aum
  2. Saraswati Namasthubhyam Varade Kamarupini Vidhyarambam Karishyami Siddhir Bavathume Sadha
  3. Shuklaam Brahmvichaar Saar Paramaadyaam Jagadvyaapineem Veennaa Pushtak Dhaarinneebhamay Daam Jaad Yaapandhkaaraapahaam Haste Sfatik Maalikaam Vidhateem Paramaasane Sansthitaam Vande Taam Parameshwareem Bhagwateem Buddhi Pradaam Shaaradaam
  4. Saraswathi Namasthubhyam, Varadey Kaamarupinee Vidhyarambham Karishyami, Sidhir bhavathu mey sada
  5. Om Vageeshwaryae Vidmahe Vagwadeenyae Dhimahe Tannah Saraswati Prachodayat
  6. Saraswati Mahabhage Vidye Kamalalochane Vishwaroope Vishaalaakshi Vidyam dehi namosthuthe
  7. Vad Vad Vaagwaadinee Swaha
  8. Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Vaagdevyai Saraswatyai Namah
  9. Om Arham Mukha Kamal Vaasinee Paapaatma Kshayam Kaari Vad Vad Vaagwaadinee Saraswati Aing Hreeng Namah Swaaha
  10. Om Saraswati Mayaa Drishtwa, Veena Pustak Dharnim Hans Vahini Samayuktaa Maa Vidya Daan Karotu Me Om


In Hindu mythology, Goddess Saraswati, the epitome of knowledge and wisdom, occupies a prominent position. Devotees recite her 108 names and mantras in an effort to obtain her favor and advance their intellectual endeavors. By comprehending the significance of each appellation, we can fortify our rapport with the celestial and access the boundless reservoir of wisdom that Saraswati symbolizes. We beseech the divine graces of Saraswati to direct us along the path to enlightenment and wisdom.

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