Miraculous Parama Ekadashi Fasting Story

Parama Ekadashi Fasting Story | Get Instant Relief from Money Crisis

Parama Ekadashi

Parama Ekadashi is an extraordinary method of obtaining relief from destitution or financial hardship. By observing this fast in honor of Lord Vishnu, one could obtain immediate financial relief from any issue. As per ancient scriptures, Lord Kubera expeditiously attained the position of treasurer of wealth in heaven after observing this fast.

Moreover, the kingdom was reclaimed by the truthful monarch Harishchandra through the observance of this fast. It is believed that during this fasting period, any type of contribution—gold, knowledge, food, land, or a cow—could be made. By doing so, an individual obtains the protection and favor of Goddess Lakshmi and is spared any financial hardships.

Miraculous Parama Ekadashi Fasting Story (Vrat Katha)

Welcome to the Srichants community, Lets listen to the Parama Ekadashi Vrat Katha which means a Fasting Story which is said to be auspicious to listen during the special occasion of Ekadashi.

Arjun exclaimed, “Kamalnayan, saluted you!” Kindly provide the name of the fasting day Ekadashi and the prescribed method. “In it, which deity is venerated, and what are the advantages of fasting?”

Krishna proclaimed, “O Arjuna! This Ekadashi is referred to as Parama. All transgressions are expiated and man attains happiness in this world and salvation in the next through observance of this Ekadashi. In observance of the aforementioned regulations, this fast ought to be observed, and Lord Vishnu ought to be venerated through the use of naivedya, incense, lamp, flowers, and so forth.

Let me tell you the holy story of this Ekadashi which happened with the sages in the city of Kampilya. Listen carefully- A very religious Brahmin named Sumedha lived in the city of Kampilya. His wife was also very religious and modest. Due to some past sin, the couple were living a life of extreme poverty.

Notwithstanding his entreaties, the Brahmin failed to obtain any alms. She never made demands of her husband; despite being attired in rudimentary attire and remaining hungry after attending to the visitors, the spouse of that Brahmin served him. To summarise, both partners were living in extreme poverty.

Once, this Brahmin spoke to his wife in the following manner: “Dear! When I request financial assistance from the affluent, they always decline. Household operations cannot function without funds; therefore, I will look for work in other locations, if that is acceptable.

The wife of Brahmin said in humility, “O Swami!” Your superior half is what I am. In accordance with the sentiments expressed by the spouse, whether positive or negative, the wife ought to reciprocate. The outcomes of an individual’s actions in a prior life are what they now reap.

Gold is not acquired by chance, not even for those who reside on Mount Sumeru. Donors of land and knowledge in the previous life receive land and knowledge in the next. What has been predetermined by God regarding destiny is unavoidable.

The Lord will only provide sustenance to a man who does not contribute; therefore, you ought to remain in this location; I cannot tolerate your separation. O Swami, relatives, including mother, father, brother, and father-in-law, all hold a spouse without a wife responsible. I implore you to remain in this location, as whatever is intended for you will be received.

The Brahmin abstained from venturing beyond the city at his wife’s recommendation. This is how time continued to pass. At one point, Kaundinya Rishi passed by.

When Brahmin Sumedha and his wife beheld the sage, they genuflect and exclaimed, “We are blessed today.” He not only catered to the sage’s needs but also ensured his comfort. Following her meal, the Brahmin’s spouse exclaimed, “O Rishivar!” Kindly elucidate the approach to eradicating destitution.

My spouse and I have agreed that he will not be leaving the city in quest of employment or to earn money. Fortunately, you have arrived. I have complete faith that my poverty will be eradicated in the near future; therefore, please suggest a solution to eradicate our poverty.

Following his remark to the Brahmin and his spouse, Kaundinya Rishi exclaimed, “O Brahmin! Purification from destitution, sorrow, and sin is accomplished through fasting on the Parama Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha. Whoever observes this fast acquires wealth. You must remain conscious throughout the night and sing the praises of Lord Vishnu during this fast.

As per ancient scriptures, Lord Kubera expeditiously attained the position of treasurer of wealth in heaven after observing this fast. Moreover, the kingdom was reclaimed by the truthful monarch Harishchandra through the observance of this fast.

Subsequently, Rishi Kaundinya instructed him on every aspect of the Ekadashi fasting rituals. Wisdom proclaimed, “O Brahmin!” The Panchratri fast is more favorable than this. Early in the morning on the day of Parama Ekadashi, subsequent to ceasing routine activities, the Pancharatri fast ought to be initiated in accordance with the prescribed rituals.

Individuals who observe a five-day fast without drinking are admitted to paradise with their spouse and parents. Those who consume food every evening for five days are assured of entrance into paradise. Those who devote five days to bathing and feeding brahmins receive the benefit of feeding the entire globe. Donating a horse during this fast grants the donor the benefits of their generosity to all three realms. Donors of sesame to a virtuous Brahmin would be granted an equivalent number of years of sojourn in Vishnuloka.

Individuals who contribute a container of ghee are granted access to the Surya Loka. Men who observe five days of celibacy ascend to paradise in the company of the goddesses. Greetings, Brahmini! Your spouse and you observe this fast together. Certainly, this will ultimately bring you to perfection and paradise.

In observance of Rishi Kaundinya’s proclamation, the Brahmin and his spouse observed a five-day fast on Parama Ekadashi. As soon as the fast was over, the wife of the Brahmin noticed a nobleman approaching her residence.

With the knowledge imparted by Lord Brahma, the prince bestowed upon the Brahmin an impeccable dwelling adorned with every material possession necessary for habitation. The sovereign subsequently awarded them a village to sustain their way of life. As a result, Brahmin and his spouse ascended to heaven subsequent to experiencing everlasting bliss on earth as a consequence of this fast.

O Arjuna, said Lord Krishna. One who observes fasting on Parama Ekadashi is granted the benefits of every pilgrimage and yagya. Adhik is the finest month among the months, just as Brahmin is the finest among the two-legged, cow is the finest among the four-legged, and Devendra is the most esteemed among the gods.

This month’s Pancharatri is exceptionally auspicious. In addition, Padmini and Parama Ekadashi are at their peak this month. This fast expels all offenses; therefore, a man who is destitute or has financial difficulties must observe it. Individuals who fail to bathe and observe the Ekadashi fast in Adhikamas are considered to have committed the offense of suicide. Because this human birth is associated with great virtues, men are required to fast on Ekadashi.

Arjuna, son of Kunti! I explained in detail what you asked. Now follow these fasts with full devotion. Those people who fast on the Parama Ekadashi of Adhik month, they are blessed to go to heaven and enjoy the pleasures in all the three worlds.


Divine favor certainly befalls those who hold Brahmins, sages, and moral individuals in high regard. Sri Lakshmi can solely be obtained through diligent effort. Undoubtedly, the fruition of diligent effort is attributable to the grace of God.

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