How Old is Sanatan Dharma Unveiling the Eternal Way of Life

Sanatan Dharma’s Age in Revelation: Expounding the Eternal Way of Life

Sanatan Dharma’s Age in Revelation: Expounding the Eternal Way of Life

Sanatan Dharma, a philosophical and emotional current that transcends time, occupies a prominent position in the consciousness and sentiments of millions across the globe. It comprises the extensive cultural and spiritual legacy of Hinduism, as delineated in the constitution of India. Sanatana Dharma was the original designation of what is now commonly referred to as Hinduism or Hindu Dharma. Nevertheless, have you ever contemplated Sanatan Dharma’s age? What is the age of this eternal lifestyle? This comprehensive work will delve into the intricacies of Vedic tradition in order to offer insight into the length of time that Hindu Dharma endured.

The Concept of Sanatan Dharma

Sanatan Dharma's Age in Revelation: Expounding the Eternal Way of Life
Sanatan Dharma's Age in Revelation: Expounding the Eternal Way of Life

Before we can completely grasp the age of Hindu Dharma, we must first grasp the essence of this eternal mode of existence. Vedic literature defines “Dharma” as “way of life,” and it is from this that Hindu Dharma derives. However, Sanatan Dharma transcends being a mere lifestyle and represents the eternal and perpetual essence of being. Consistent in some form since the inception of the multi-universal macrocosmic creation, Sanatan Dharma has existed perpetually, as its name suggests.

Age of Hindu Dharma within the Current Brahma’s Lifetime

In the lifetime of the present Brahma, the actual age of Hindu Dharma coincides with the Brahma’s age. The Creator established Hindu Dharma by a divine route woven within the fabric of creation itself. Thus, all of the macrocosm’s microcosms as well as the timeless essence of Sanatan Dharma itself are permeated. Approximately 311.040 trillion human solar years remain in the present Brahma’s lifespan, with 155 trillion of those years having already elapsed. Consequently, it is calculated that Hindu Dharma was over 155 trillion human solar years old during the lifespan of its current originator.

The Enigma of Sanatan Dharma’s Actual Age

Determining the exact age of Hindu Dharma is unattainable in light of the Creation’s works. It is impossible to ascertain the duration of the initial Brahma and the first cycle of origination of the multi-universal Maker’s Makings, even if the present Brahma is not the first creator and certainly not the last. The multi-universal macrocosm is manifested by each creator via their distinct mathematical formulas. When these earlier mathematical codes and the Brahma associated with them dissipate into their original progenitors, the duration of earlier Brahmas becomes unknown. Due to the innumerable re-originations and creators of the Maker’s Makings, the precise age of Hindu Dharma continues to elude discovery.

The Essence of Hindu Dharma

Hindu Dharma, which is founded upon the Maker’s Makings’ pluralistic monism, reflects the very essence of Brahmand, the macrocosmic creation. It acknowledges that the Maker’s Makings are concurrently pluralistic and monistic, and Sanatan Dharma concurs with this viewpoint. Hindu Dharma is pluralistic monism founded on the understanding that Nirgun Nirakaar Brahm, the attribute less infinite absolute existence, can only be known through a sincere investigation of the Maker’s Makings. This is inextricably linked to Advaita Vedanta, also known as Absolute Monism, the pinnacle of Vedic knowledge. Advaita represents the eternal, nondualistic aspect of existence that surpasses all temporal cycles, just as Vedanta signifies the zenith of Vedic knowledge.

The Age of Sanatan Dharma within the Current Brahma Kalpa

In the preceding Naimittika Pralaya and Brahma Ratri (Brahma’s night), in this region of the universe, Sanatan Dharma was established. The time period specified in the preceding item, “Time passed during,” aligns with the present daytime of Brahma or the age of Hindu Dharma in the present Brahma Kalpa. Based on this estimation, the inception of Hindu Dharma occurred around 1.972949112 human solar years in the past. During this time, Sriman Narayana (Sri Bhagwan Vishnu) founded the four Vedic monasteries, which are also referred to as the Vyasa Peetha or Chatur Aamnaya Peetha and represent the four cardinal aspects of Sadashiva.

The Role of Swayambhu Manu in Sanatan Dharma

Swayambhu Manu Maharaaj, a revered philosopher and progenitor of humanity, descended to Earth concurrently with the phase in which Sriman Narayana instituted Sanatan Dharma. Swayambhu Manu, the progenitor of the human race, was the progeny of Pitamah Brahma Ji. He is regarded as the initial Manu of the Brahma Kalpa as it exists today.

The designation “Manu” denotes the ancestral figure of the human race, and as a result of their heritage with Manu, humans are referred to as “Manav.” This lineage is further manifested in various religious traditions, including the biblical allusion to Adam. Therefore, the temporal scope of Hindu Dharma aligns with that of these religious traditions, which ultimately have their origins in the Vedas and Manusmriti, their primary scripture.

The Incomprehensible Actual Age of Sanatan Dharma

Hindu Dharma’s true age, encompassing the totality of the Maker’s Makings, remains unknown due to its connection to a time period preceding the multi-universe from which the present Brahma regrew. Sanatan Dharma is immemorial and timeless; it defies quantification and division into temporal intervals that are comprehensible to terrestrial beings, let alone celestial ones. The authentic age of Sanatan Dharma transcends the three temporal epochs; it is an unquantifiable immortal mode of life.


The eternal method of life, or Sanatan Dharma, has been a fundamental aspect of human existence since the beginning of time. While it is possible to approximate that it has been around since the current Brahma, the precise age of Sanatan Dharma throughout the entirety of the Maker’s Makings remains obscure. Originating in pluralistic monism, Sanatan Dharma provides a framework for comprehending the attributeless, limitless absolute existence of the Creator while embracing the eternal nature of His creation.

As we progress in our spiritual quests, may we wholeheartedly adopt the profound teachings and wisdom of Sanatan Dharma, perceiving its enduring significance within the vast fabric of human history.

Note: The above information is based on Vedic info and philosophical interpretations. The exact age of Sanatan Dharma may vary depending on different perspectives and beliefs.

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